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Let's share our commutes...Let's Carpool
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Let's have a carpooling platform at our will and wish. Let's share our commutes. Let's care for environment. Let's make more friends.
Let's Share Our Commutes.... Let's Carpool

Modus Op
How does it work ?
1- Register
2- Login
3- Provide profile details including the social page link to add credibility to your profile for carpooling
4- Create or search for the commutes available & request for carpool
5- or create & place carpooling request in case no suitable commutes are available for co-ride/carpooling
6- Commute owner checks the details of the co-ride requester & accepts or dumps the request
7- When confirmed by commute owner, requester gets the details of the commute owner
8- Then mail/call/SMS each other at your own will, fix place or share any other details
9- Enjoy the co-ride/carpooling
10- Position of this platform in all this ?- The carpooling and commute sharing platform/service being offered through this website is a unique platform for voluntary offering of commutes by the vehicle owners & commute requester. Commute offering and requesting (carpooling), is to be done on personal discretion and verification of the users using data in their profile pages. This website or owners of this platform would not be responsible for any not-in-the-plan or unexpected turn of events e.g. the user's public information and any actual co-rides agreed between users and whether it actually happened or failed due to any reason. The role of this website is to provide and offer a carpooling platform where vehicle owners and requester can collaborate for co-ride offering, do carpool and nothing beyond that.

Please Contact Us for any questions related to this platform.